Dr. Kashif Baig

Cornea - Anterior Segment Surgery - Refractive Surgery - Cataract Surgery

Preparing for Your Visit

Please keep the following in mind on your next visit:

- Bring health care card and hospital card.

- Your eyes may be dilated during the visit after which you may have blurry vision for 3-4 hours and may need someone to drive you home. Click here to see a video on dilation.

- The visit may last up to 2 hours in our follow-up clinic (time for dilation, diagnostic tests) and up to 3 hours in our consult clinic (time for dilation, diagnostic tests, surgery counselling)

- Bring a list of your drops and medications, your glasses, your contact lens case if you wear contact lenses, and information from previous eye surgeries (e.g., the intraocular lens card given to patients after cataract surgery).

- You will be assessed by a member of my team. The “tech” (a Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist) usually examines you first and is a university graduate.  A team member who is in training will see you next. This can be a medical student (student training to be a physician), a resident (physician training to be an Ophthalmologist), or a fellow (Ophthalmologist training to be a Cornea sub-specialist). I review all patient charts seen by these team members.


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