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Dry Eyes

Dry Eye

Dry Eye is a common condition that has many different causes, but all share the end result of having tears that do not sufficiently coat the front of the eye. This could be from an insufficient production, or a rapid evaporation of the tears. Common symptoms include burning, sandy sensation in the eyes, or a “foreign body sensation” (feeling like something is stuck in the eye). Some people can even experience watery (or leaky) eyes, which is actually your brain telling your eye that it is dry and needs to produce more tears.

Here is a video that presents an overview of dry eyes.

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Here are some more videos about dry eyes:

- Introduction
- Description
- Causes
- Risk factors
- Testing - Overview
- Testing – Corneal staining
- Testing – Tear break-up time
- Testing – Schirmer test
- Testing – Tear osmalarity
- Treatment – Overview
- Treatment – Artificial tears
- Treatment – Punctal plugs
- Treatment – Restasis
- Summary


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